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The Copenhagen Cocktail Week Starts Now

Copenhagen Cocktail Week lidkoeb

Lets talk something a little different than fashion – just for a second. So Copenhagen has it’s own dining week, but this city also has soooooo many (great) bars. In that regard, then the crew behind the dining week now seek to establish a cocktail week. You may ask yourself why haven’t this been introduced even sooner? Well personally I don’t know, but the good guys behind this establishment argues that more and more people are seeking out refined cocktails, not only for when they go out, but also as a complimentary to a good dinner. However, this is not meant as a dinner concept, but rather a way that allows you to get out and try some of the good cocktail bars around the city – even on weekdays.

What is Copenhagen Cocktail Week?

The general concept of the Copenhagen Cocktail Week is that for the next week (week 7) you can buy a ticket that allows you 2 cocktails (100 DKK +10 DKK admission fee) on one of their partnering bars. One of the drinks included in the ticket is what they call a festival cocktail – meaning that this is decided by the Cocktail Week admission – while second is a house specialty. This way the individual bars can showcase their worth (hoping to convince you to come back for more). Personally when introduced to the concept we were setup at Lidkoeb (Vesterbrogade 72b) and man do they know how to mix up a drink!

Oh, and yeah, the Copenhagen Cocktail Week starts today! Will you be using this initiative? because I might.
Learn more and shop tickets HERE.

Ps. Drink responsible! 

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