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Copenhagen Fashion Week AW19: OVER AND OUT

Hey everyone!

Here is a little round up upon the highlights from my Copenhagen Fashion Week AW19. I know, It’s been a while, and with good reason. The thing is that on a personal note, I started a new job, which turned out to be quite more extensive than first assumed. The job is as the content manager of Les Deux (a Copenhagen based men’s fashion brand). But you know me, I love to do fashion styling, which means I quickly ended up assisting our creative director, Mathias Jensen, with the styling.


The show took place Tuesday during the first day of Copenhagen Fashion Week, which means that I missed a few shows that day. Nonetheless, the show aimed at showing that Les Deux is up to way more than you’d think. Judging from how the media received the show it was well accomplished. Les Deux is not out to be a couture brand, but we simply wanted to show just how much we have to offer.

The story behind the collection is the combustion of new opportunities and the immense joy that arose among the Berlin citizens when the Berlin wall fell in 1989. Families reunited, friendships finding their way back together. A city and nation unified once again. The story of a transition. The militant, structured and uniformised attire (look 1 – 3) broken down, breaking conformities adding colours. Especially the burnt orange and yellow to symbolise the hope that always shines even through the darkest prospects.   


Among one of the most notable designers on the Danish menswear scene is Martin Asbjørn with his loose tailored looks. The inspiration for the show is stated to be the 1990s new wave of youth culture but elevates this streetwear into a luxury domain. The collection, with it’s loosely tailored silhouettes also both pays tribute to the sharp tailoring of the 1930s but also the more playful of the sixties. Personally, I really enjoyed all of the belted looks and tailored looks. I really have a thing for tailored every day looks, and Martin really nailed it!

Holzweiler AW19

Hands down one of the best productions I have ever witnessed. The Norwegian brand really manifested their international potential with a catwalk show that in one way seemed as stringent as early 2000’s Gucci runway shows and on the other hand a styling so cosy that all you want to do is to cuddle up in front of a fireplace.

MFPEN AW19 – MORGENLUFT (Morning air)

With MFPEN, Sigurd Bank has yet again presented his collection during the Copenhagen Fashion Week, with his first ever show. If there is a thing that you can always trust, is that the silhouettes coming out of MFPEN is on point! The continuously minimalistic color palette of MFPEN really allows for Sigurd Bank to play around with his loosely fitted silhouettes. The collection mainly consists of denim, navy, light blue, tan and an off white. The result is a solid and consistent collection that, I personally easily could see my self, and a whole lot of other people wearing! Very ready to wear.

Here is what MFPEN said about the collection: As dusk turns to dawn, the night comes to an end and the morning is here. You’re in between the two—not going out but neither going home. People drift by you. Their day has just begun and yours is about to end. The sun rises and tells you that the night is over. You take a breath of fresh air and leave for home.



Heliot Emil. Those boys are likely the fliest brand to come out of DK in recent time! With their industrial and deconstructed look they are nothing like scandinavian minimalism! Their appeal are much more international with a worldwide potention. No doubt about that! Unfortunately, due to a change of show venue the guestlist had to be radically sized down – unfortunately for me. Nonetheless, go check out the review at HypeBeast here.

Over and out.

Portrait De L’HOMME



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