Copenhagen Fashion Week AW20 – The highlights!

Fashion weeks around the world is a celebration and institutional way of ensuring seasonal buyings and trend spotting, while keeping present in the media. Last week the turn came to Copenhagen. Local and international press, brands, buyers, influencers and industry insiders all gathered around a fast paced schedule that leaves very little time to sleep.

This week took me to the shows of the highly talented Søren Le Schmidt, Henrik Vibskov, 7 Days Active, Wood Wood, Tonsure and among other things also a dinner with the always festive Les Deux team. I’ve gathered my favourite looks from the shows and if you scroll to the bottom, the very fashion week looks of mine.

Look du Fashion Week

Rarely got as many comments as on that last look. All with references to either a Miami based pimp lifestyle or a cocaine-snorting Russian mob.

And last but not least..



I’m Jon, a genuinely creative spirit who believes you should never put your style in a box.

Portrait De L’HOMME is a tribute to the modern trend seeking man and pulls references from traditional and contemporary fashion.

The goal is to show that simple investments in your appearance will come back manyfolded.

This will be expressed through various editorials in different scales and sizes.

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