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Cozy scarf Sunday Shopping


On a chilly day what is then better to wrap yourself in warm and stylish scarf? A look that guaranties a refined vibe no matter if you’re wearing a leatherjacket or a topcoat. Below I’ve picked out 8 scarfs that I’d gladly wear myself. Prices ranging from 17€ – 395€.


 1. Faliero Sarti houndstooth cashmere and silk blend 257€ at Luisa Via Roma HERE (affiliate) // 2. Burberry Cashmere scarf 395€ at Luisa Via Roma HERE (affiliate) // 3. An Ivy cable knit wool scarf 60€ HERE // 4. J.W. Anderson neckband 195€ at Luisa Via Roma HERE (affiliate) // 5. Tiger of Sweden wool scarf approx 95€ at Zalando HERE (affiliate) // 6. Pier One scarf approx 17€ at Zalando HERE (affiliate) // 7. Hackett London wool scarf approximately 106€ at Zalando HERE (affiliate) // 8. Lanvin felted wool jacquard scarf “NOTHING” 245€ at Luisa Via Roma HERE (affiliate)

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