CPH Fashion Week SS18 Diary Day 2 – Portrait De L'HOMME
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CPH Fashion Week SS18 Diary Day 2



First thing on the agenda of a very tight morning schedule was Meet The Danes. An initiative showcasing danish brands – and we sure have something to be proud of! Personally I fell in love with the always cool BeoPlay headphones, but this time in a new colorway perfect for the fall, a deep wine red purple (see picture for color 😉 ). Just the feel of the quality leather surrounding the ears! Im using this word a lot these days, but damn(!) thats sexy! I have some sort of fetish for leather I guess! Haha! Another cool brand I stumbled upon was BulBul, a cool new Danish watch brand with no other than Bjarke Ingels (Architect of BIG) as their designer! They have some quite interesting designs, for example a 100% asymmetrical case, which sounds odd, but it just looks beautiful. You can really see those Danish design virtues in those watches. And then they’re actually quite affordable. A quick drop by the Selected HOMME/FEMME universe was also on the list. A brand that always keep it sober, without loosing it’s cool.

tommy-og-meet-1 tommy-og-meet-2 tommy-og-meet-3 tommy-og-meet-4


Tradition has it that the Tommy team serves a brunch with a preview of their collection as a side order. I really adore especially their outerwear for their SS18 collection as well as their suits! For this collection they are straying away (at least with some of it, not all!) from the traditional blue white red signature. Instead of relying only on those colors, they opened a bit more up, and focused a lot earth tones. I’m down with that!

tommy-og-meet-6 tommy-og-meet-5 tommy-og-meet-7


After only a brief stay at the Tommy Brunch was it off to the Verena Schepperheyn show. Unfortunately the location was far far away and very cramped time wise, which means that a lot of people had to skip the show, leaving the seats barely filled. The collection stood up for wide trousers, contemporary tailoring, all over print, and men wearing trekking sandals. The collection tapped into the whole utility trend that is currently going on – and easily can be said to continue into the SS18 collections. For colors Scheppperheyn’s palette consisted of khaki, black, navy and a vivid red.

verena-schepperheyn-1 verena-schepperheyn-2 verena-schepperheyn-3 verena-schepperheyn-4 verena-schepperheyn-5


Nicholas Nybro delivered a spectacle! In beautiful surroundings Nicholas Nybro payed tribute to the body using it as an inspiration, but actually also showcasing it. As in showing naked people. Yup thats right, naked! You can read it about in my show review here

nybro-1 nybro-2 nybro-3 nybro-4


The young but sky rocketing brand Holzweiler showed a scandinavian cool collection with many sporty references. Sidepanels on on tailored like pieces, and of course the brand name showcased on several of the pieces for a sporty vibe. I apologise for the images, they dont do the collection justice. Holzweiler is however a brand worth keeping an eye on.

holzweiler-1 holzweiler-2 holzweiler-3 holzweiler-4 holzweiler-5


Han Kjøbenhavn is always an eccentric show to see! Their shows are always theatrical and very entertaining! For the first time, Han Kjøbenhavn introduced womenswear. While not all show pieces performs well in a store, and are thus not produced, then there could be a hope that some of the extravagant womenswear pieces would actually hit the stores. With the argument being that women are allowed to dress more eccentric.

Han Kjøbenhavn delivered a clearly coherent show. The womenswear seemed to me as some how inspired by quirky secretaries mixed up with the excessive utility pocket trend that we see across the SS18 collections. The menswear bore several heavy militant references, with designed body kevlar, and big utility pockets.

I really like how he took all the little things, which usually is what matters, and made them excessively big. Whether it is the utility pocket, the thread hanging from the hoodie or the sleeves. This excessiveness is something that we saw earlier at the AW17, collection, but this is taking it up a notch.

han-2 han-3 han-4 han-5 han-6 han-7 han-8 han-10 han-11


Vibskov is always fun as well as the show always contain something extra. The show was called the great chain of sleepers, with the stage containing a lot of sleeping bags with sleeping dolls (I REALLY don’t know how to explain that) hanging upside down. My personal favourites was some tailored pieces that involved vivid graphic lines, creating a very catchy contrast.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to neither see much or take any good pictures from where I was standing, but Vibskov actually presented this exact collection in Paris earlier this year. You can however see all the styles on this link.


One of the pieces in my wardrobe that already have waaaay above average wear is my overly patched Dsquared2 denim jacket. So of course it was in the rotation. I paired it with a pair of wide cut cropped trousers from Plain Denim and white Hermès sneakers.

cphfw-dag-2-2 cphfw-dag-2-1



Best Regards,

Portrait De L’HOMME




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