CPH Fashion Week SS18 Diary Day 3 – Portrait De L'HOMME
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CPH Fashion Week SS18 Diary Day 3

cphfw-copenhagen-fashion-week-SS18HALO SS18

I wouldn’t call HALO a show brand. It’s a sub brand of Newline who is producing sportswear. HALO is on that note a sportswear brand, but one that is developed in collaboration with the Danish special forces to secure high performance. The aesthetics can best be described as urban, almost warehouse like, with a mix of boxy and slim dark silhouettes. However they weren’t shy to add just a bit of color such as yellow and of course the khaki green that ensures the military references. Everything was streamlined and showed for example bulky guys. Because, lets face it, they are the ones to wear such athletic wear. Way  better than showing on skinny models who the consumer has no identification with. Lastly, I would like to say that in a time where religion separates people, then it was both bold and clever (consumer wise) to including a sportswear niqab like headpiece. A garnment that wouldn’t be considered sporty, but this worked very well!

cphfw-copenhagen-fashion-week-SS18 cphfw-copenhagen-fashion-week-SS18 cphfw-copenhagen-fashion-week-SS18 cphfw-copenhagen-fashion-week-SS18   cphfw-copenhagen-fashion-week-SS18


One of the shows that I looked the most forward to was Martin Asbjørn. He continuously delivers clothing that is so wearable, but yet different and unique. Especially jackets and outerwear are my favourites when it comes to Martin Asbjørn!  This season was kept in light yet optimistic colors. Muted yellow, muted blue, muted purple and then to create some contrast a cheetah print. A print that were to find on several of silk shirts and caps. Everything was kept oversized, off shoulder and unbuttoned. I must admit, that I personally was a bigger fan of his FW17 collection (see it here) that relied on a dark Blade Runner inspired universe. But that’s just my personal bias towards the muted light purple. On that note I think it’s great that Martin Asbjørn challenges the conventional menswear palette.

martin-asbjorn-cphfw-copenhagen-fashion-week-SS18 martin-asbjorn-cphfw-copenhagen-fashion-week-SS18 martin-asbjorn-cphfw-copenhagen-fashion-week-SS18 martin-asbjorn-cphfw-copenhagen-fashion-week-SS18 martin-asbjorn-cphfw-copenhagen-fashion-week-SS18


9PR really has my back these days, haha! They were so sweet to allow us to drop by for a snack in couches where could actually sit and get some work done!


MFPEN’s collection was inspired by Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman’s portrait of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein – the journalists who cracked the Watergate scandal. The 1976 film All The President’s Men was a huge inspiration with many clear references. Probably the strongest being Robert Redford printed on a shirt. Personally my favourites was some wide cut chinos with utility pockets, and some cool striped shirts that had a beautiful, almost invisible, paisley pattern as well.

mfpen-cphfw-copenhagen-fashion-week-SS18 mfpen-cphfw-copenhagen-fashion-week-SS18 mfpen-cphfw-copenhagen-fashion-week-SS18 mfpen-cphfw-copenhagen-fashion-week-SS18 mfpen-cphfw-copenhagen-fashion-week-SS18


Sand Copenhagen x Costume is always a fun party. I met up with a few friends for some drinks before attending the Muf10 show.


It made sense for a brand that has grown through the night life of Copenhagen to host a show in the evening. The show was hosted in a small alley (of a club) with oil barrel bonfires along the runway. It was Dark and hard to see much from where I was standing. However the collection primarily consisted of Kansas onesies with prints. Some of them were crisp white with red print, while some of the other were some sort of block colors. After the show the club was opened up with an open bar, and the show DJ turned into a party DJ. These guys sure knows how to throw a party!


Since I saw the excessively long sleeves at the Jean // Phillip AW17 show and again at the Burberry february 2017 show I fell in love. I think it’s just so damn cool! And another plus, it’s a way where you can actually use your evening shirt with French cuffs. A shirt that would usually be reserved for a tuxedo. This time a paired such a shirt from Lanvin with a sweatshirt from Dior, Cargo joggers from Plain Denim and a pair of clean crisp black leather boots. To add an edge to the outfit a pair of cool Viu Eyewear sunglasses was added.



Best Regards,

Portrait De L’HOMME





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