CPHFW Day 3 – Portrait De L'HOMME



Third day of the CPHFW is now over with. I was a bit on the low key activity vise, but here is my day.


The MUF10 show was something else. Reza Etamadis debut show stood out as something that I couldn’t entirely get my head around at first. But when I got to think about it, the very MUF10-logo-centric approach allowed him to showcase his work with the silhouette and marerials that at first seemed confusing to me. Congratulations to Reza Etamadis on his debut show, and I must admit I’m a big fan of the purple velvet logo hoodie as well as the long latex logo-coat!

dag-3-1 dag-3-3 dag-3-4 dag-3-2

Akins Collective Collection 1

Second, and last, point on the agenda is the Akins Collective celebration of their first collection – ‘collection 1’. If the collection is anywhere as cool as their Instagram insinuantes that it will be, then there is really something to look forward to! A very international yet simplistic collection I hope.

Akins Collective Instagram here.

My CPHFW Day 3 Outfit

Todays outfit was kept very simple. I kept a focus to materials rather than the shapes of it. The rich fabrics was combined with sneakers and a beanie to make it much more down to earth.

dag-3-5 dag-3-6


Best Regards,

Portrait De L’HOMME


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