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Are the cropped trousers gone?

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Hey guys!

I believe that the caption describes the topic rather well, so I’l just go straight on and answer the question.

Are the cropped trousers gone? No it is not. It’s very much still there. But there is a counter reaction. Many fashion houses seems to be aboard with a longer broader cut. However, as change doesn’t happen overnight many of these same houses have presented both the cropped and the longer loose fitted trousers. Which means that it is going to stay with us (phew!)

About the look I’m wearing. I’d like to point out, that these exact trousers ain’t particularly loose fitted but they do have a breaking length. And why? Mostly because fashion is about expressing identity, and you thus have to true to yourself. And I don’t really se myself as the guy with the super wide trousers – at least not yet.

When to wear these slightly longer trousers? Personally, I’d wear them with something plain – like a t-shirt and sneaker combo. What I like about it, is that it gives it such a relaxed vibe when the trousers are just this tad longer. A vibe that is enhanced by being worn with sneakers.

However, if I was to take a more classical menswear approach I would still stick with slimmed cropped trousers. They just have an edge that is incomparable.

Best Regards,

Portrait De L’HOMME

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