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Saint Laurent delivers for a black summer

Dandy on a Monday


It feels like forever since I’ve properly slapped on a tie! Mainly because it sometimes feels a little stiff when just sitting at home and either writing or editing. It might also be that to me then a shirt and tie fits better for fall, winter and early spring. During the summer it gets a little tight, but I really admire people who are able to pull off some summer dandy.

My wardrobe has lately been focused more towards a more fashion forward approach, with involvement of more sneakers than ever before. This does however not mean that I don’t stand linger every morning at my collection of ties and brogues. It just mean that it is often easier and more convenient to jump in a pair of sneakers and a sweat shirt. I really admire the men (and women) who always look so crisp in their dapper attire. Because it takes more time to perfectly tie the tie, and carefully place the pocket square. Maybe I’m just slacking a bit, or maybe I’m just getting more open minded to what great style is. But thats my next point, one man doesn’t necessarily only have one style.

Personal style is so damn contextual, just like our social behaviour is contextual. I might like to be doing dandy on Monday, but athleisure on a Tuesday. There is no right answer when it comes to styling, there is just styling.

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Saint Laurent delivers for a black summer