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How To Do Dapper Summer

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The summer allows us to opt for a brighter color scheme. But it also allows us to play a little with the motifs. Somehow the summer heat dictates that the degree of formality doesn’t have to be as strict. This look – that is rather smart casual – is a great example of how to spice up your dapper summer.

It’s all a matter of having a keen eye on the details. In this instance: the tie, pocket square and – last but not least – the socks!

The pocket square adds a high level of summer authenticity with the palm print – a print that is closely related to the same motif on the socks. And of course the tie, pocket square and socks all fit in to the same color scheme providing some sort of coherence.

About the socks..This is my biggest advice for you today: Wear long socks – and not just talking regurlar long socks.. I’m talking about actual long socks, that sit above your calves.

But why would wear such long socks? For one particular reason, that will first really make sense to you after you’ve tried it. When you sit down – especially with cropped trousers – they will not wrinkle or show any part of your leg. This may seem a bit odd if this is the first time you’ve heard of it. But mark my word – once you’ve tried it, you will be fond of it. It makes your ankles and the lower part of your leg as streamlined as your actual calves. The last thing you’d want for your super handsome look is to be ruined by wrinkled socks.

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Have a dapper summer!

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