Dapper With An Unexpected TWIST


Hey, lets have a dapper-talk today. Dapper in the conventional way are often related to being sharply dressed in a jacket whilst slapping on a neat tie. There is often a sense of cleanliness and class related to this kind of styling. But while that is all good (I have nothing bad to say about it) then I like to mix things up a little. Most often I prefer going without a blazer or suit jacket. I frequently find myself aiming for that at the end-of-the-day-office-vibe. The moment where you’ve renounced the jacket and slightly distressfully rolled up the sleeves, because things were about to get messy.

This office like styling was paired with my favourite brogues, adding the rings for some personality and lastly, the cowboy belt.  For anyone who have been following the major fashion houses lately will notice some of these western references. See for example Raf Simons’ take on Calvin Klein and Saint Laurent. I thought it was the perfect little fashionista twist in a styling that mainly refers the traditional male wardrobe. You may be able to special order the same belt from HERE or you can shop a similar one HEREYou would usually never find the cowboy belt in a dapper look (unless you’re in Texas I guess. 😉 ), but I honestly think that it is quite charming. It illustrates well that everything doesn’t have to be so clean and neat. I think that it goes well with the messiness of the shirt. What do you think?


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For all of you Danes reading along, did you catch the fashion podcast that I did with my good friend and colleague Alexander Gram (PreppyBeast)? If not then you can catch it HERE.

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