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How To Look Dapper With Rolled Sleeves

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Hey guys!

I have this weird thing about my arms… I won’t say that I hate wearing long sleeves, but I don’t feel as comfortable as when I have my sleeves rolled up. I honestly don’t know why – maybe it’s some urge to feel just a bit more practical. Nonetheless the rolled sleeves are very common in my rotation.

Here you have two notes on how how to look dapper with rolled sleeves:

Swap the jacket for a vest.

Having your shirt sleeves rolled up while wearing your sports jacket? It may be fine, but if you like me have some issues with the sleeves being down, then it won’t solve the problem. An option on this matter is to swap the jacket for a vest. A vest will keep you maintaining some of that dapper appearance that a sports jacket usually adds.

Make sure that the god damn shirt is ironed!

Rolling the sleeves on a shirt is a scruffy style move. This means that you’ll easily look sloppy. While you may conceal some of this scruff as effortless, you don’t want to be totally effortless! In this case you’d need to iron the shirt! Very well! When wearing a jacket only very little of the shirt is actually visible. Which means that you can get away being a bit of a slop with the ironing (even though you shouldn’t!). Wearing a vest – or no jacket/vest at all – will grant the shirt a lot of visibility. So make sure that the shirt is properly ironed! And who doesn’t love a freshly ironed shirt!?

Best regards,

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