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Dare To Do Linen

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Hey there!

I know that when looking at the pictures the most unconventional piece that I’m wearing is the wildly printed trousers. But for me what was actually the biggest issue with this outfit was the linen shirt.

Often when I think of linen shirts I think of men in their mid fifties on their yacht with a 20 year old bombshell by their side. That’s sort of what pops to my head. I guess that I may have something to work with here… 😉 Nonetheless once over the hurdle of putting it on it just feels so damn right! It’s a wonderful option during the hot summerdays. Why? Because this lightweight material is relatively loosely woven which means that it won’t keep you warm like eg. cotton would.

I hope you too dare to do linen. It’s an impeccable move, that shouldn’t be underestimated.

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See you next time – which will be a kind of special themed one! So make sure to stay tuned.

Portrait De L’HOMME

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