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Dark Uniform – A Shift In My Staples


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Though I often have new additions to my wardrobe, then it’s actually very few that end up as part of staples. It is as we all have our certain uniform(s) (you know that one man, can have more than one style 😉) that we rely on. This piece didn’t exactly change my uniform as such, but it just fit in perfectly, as if the uniform was build around that piece.

I’m talking about these dark grey flannel like chinos from Zanerobe – a pair that only just received a few weeks ago, but already have 5+ wears! I have a tendency to stick with my skinny black jeans – preferably the ones with 3-4 years of wear. However, these chinos are the perfect substitute. They’re super skinny but has a subtle elastic band at the hem, meaning that you can actually slip your feet through. They fit perfectly into my almost all black uniform. Another plus is that it feels great to give skinny black jeans a rest once in a while.

zanerobe-3 zanerobe-2 zanerobe-6 zanerobe-8

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