Denim with The Matrix Vibes: Limited Edition Weekday AW18 Denim Collection

Limited Edition Weekday AW18

A few days ago the limited edition Weekday AW18 denim collection entitled ‘Natural Born Human’ was released. Over the last couple of seasons, Weekday has been one of my absolute favourite fast fashion brands, so when I was presented to the collection, I was over the moon! I was allowed to pick out one entire outfit for myself, and I instantly had my eyes on this long denim trench (which by the way is heavy as f!). The long silhouette and excessive straps are just in total key with current trends. The length of the jacket really gave it some sort of The Matrix vibe, even though the individual pieces are miles apart. These sturdy workwear aesthetics would never fit into a monochromatic digital dystopia of a movie.

Limited Edition Weekday AW18

Nonetheless, I’ve begun to really appreciate these longer more loose fitted silhouettes. It gives a bit of movability that very tight fitted garment simply do not… I styled the drop shoulder trench with a pair of brown/orange washed jeans, and kept them a bit ‘too’ long for sort of a Calvin Klein 205W39NYC kinda stacked jeans look. Underneath the trench I wore a long sleeved tee with a floral print stitched onto to the chest. The print should allegedly be inspired the first ever female photographer in the 1800’s.

Limited Edition Weekday AW18 natural born human

Last but not least, when wearing something that heavily references the American denim dream, of course you wear cowboy boots. As the outfit was already a bit over the top, I decided to slap on a pair of Python cowboy boots from Lædersmeden. Going back to a bit of that The Matrix vibe black sunglasses are a clear necessity! These are from Ørgreen Optics (shop them here) and has a gorgeous titanium construction and very unique details to the frame. This might be the only piece that actually has a solely modern/futuristic reference, while the remainder somehow mixes denim aesthetics with modern cuts. Limited Edition Weekday AW18 natural børn human ørgreen optics mies

The Limited Edition Weekday AW18 collection ‘Natural Born Human’ can only be shopped in select stores (none in Denmark) and online. Shop the collection here. Fyi, the trench can be found under the womenswear collection, which it is formally a part of.

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