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Hey there blogosphere. You know this one I’m sure. If you do not already pay attention to this, then please make sure to take notice ’cause this is what really hightens your game!

When it comes to styling, many key items seems to fill up your wardrobe. Wether it be the navy blue blazer, the pitch black oxfords or the button down shirt. But what is it that really takes it to the next level? Beside the fit, you need to pay close attention to the detail. The saying, the devil is in the detail, certainly is true. It’s not always about how many fancy attributes the styling may have, but being conscious about these attributes and when to use such really takes off. This outfit for instance, rather plain at first glance. BUT, a lot is going on at that torso. A sleek leather collar, zipper on the shirt collar and a Hermès pocket square in a bold color. I like a bit of extravagancy once in a while – it works great when going out, and seems to be somewhat of a conversation starter. And who doesn’t enjoy a compliment once in a while? 😉

I’m not gonna go much more in detail, but I’ll let the pictures speak for them selves about those devilish details…

 Devilish details-2 Devilish details-3

Devilish details-5Devilish details-11 Devilish details-4    Devilish details-9 bridge-1

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