Do That Double Denim! – Portrait De L'HOMME
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Do That Double Denim!

Do That Double Denim!

Hey guys, how are you doing?

Okay, so the topic of today is double denim. I know that this is by no means any new topic, but then I thought I would provide you with my typical go to approach. And it is plain simple! In order to avoid looking like you showed up wearing a denim suit, then make sure that the denim pieces that you are wearing has different washes. So what does that mean? Make sure that the denim colors are NOT the same. To be safe then go for very different denim colors as shown in the pictures. The more contrast, the easier it is to rock the double denim. However, different indigo blue layers can also work out together as well. As said, just make sure that the washes are slightly different. To make it incredible effortless then add a wool overcoat.

double-denim-2double-denim-5 Do That Double Denim!double-denim-11


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Portrait De L’HOMME

Photos by Gustav Reiss


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