Do you really need a grey overcoat?


Another one about coats? Really? I know. If you’re not into overcoat this may be a little to much with 3 posts in about a week all concerned with what? Overcoats. But I believe that it is such a menswear piece that truly deserve some attention. In the previous posts I’ve been going over the black overcoat and the camel (or shades there of) overcoat – this time it has come for the grey one.

One may question what’s the fucking difference besides the actual color of the coats? The answer is that it all comes down to appearance. The black is very dominant and works amazingly for a formal look. The camel coat for a more casual and welcoming look. And now the hero of the day, the grey overcoat. The appearance of the grey overcoat is way more young than the other two. Personally I think of it as a perfect middle way between the formal and the casual. As seen in the pictures it looks great with smart casual wear, but you might just as well pull out your favourite ripped jeans and a hoodie for an amazing look.

Whether you need that grey overcoat I will leave up to you, but I’m going to be happy with mine!

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