Down with some kind of streetwear

The influence of streetwear on the fashion industry is no secret. And if it was, it was probably the worst kept secret! I’m not gonna lie, that even though I’ve always been a sucker for hoodies, the streetwear wave has certainly hit me hard! In addition to my hoodies, I’ve been swapping brogues and blazers for sneakers and looser lowkey jackets.


I’m not going wholehearted into streetwear. I’m very particular about what I like and what not. Meaning not all streetwear, but neither do I like all tailoring! So what I personally like to do with my stylings is working with contrasts. It allows you to take unexpected turns and level your outfit in a bunch of different directions! I like my style to be undefinable, but with inspirations from traditional menswear and urban wear. Two aspects that may be contrasting. But as stated, it’s that tension that I specifically seek! In this case, it means wearing (loose) dress pants with an anorak, or a neutral field jacket with a bright popping beanie.

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So yes, I’m down with some kind of streetwear, but also a whole lot traditional, casual and formal menswear. A bit of everything.

Over and out!

// Jon

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