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balloon-fit-trousers-from-asos-worn-with-triple-s-sneakersI must frankly say that the term balloon fit trousers was quite new to me when I heard it. I saw it for the first time when I found these trousers on ASOS, and I wondered myself why I have never heard of it before. However, I fell in love with the trousers, and figured, well there is only one way to figure out how a balloon fit actually fits my body. As you can see, the trousers are quite wide and very spacious around the things. In fact the shape of the trousers are quite round and somehow assimilates an (un-)inflated balloon, hence the balloon-fit. While I think they are really cool (as I love wide trousers!), I must admit that they looked better on the model (find them here). 


As the trousers are wide around the thighs, and slightly more tapered around the angles, it becomes a great tool if you are a guy with quite long legs. However, if you like I, have fairly short legs, they end up looking more slouchy. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, they do however, just not look as crisp. Further, as the silhouette is slightly contemporary I’d rather recommend them for some fancy casual wear. In such an environment they’ll provide a unexpected twist, where as they may just provide confusion when worn with formal wear.

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These pleated trousers worked really well with my current favourite sneakers. My Balenciaga triple S babies. Whenever you play around with silhouettes in an slightly uncovential manner, a good idea is to keep the patterns and color combinations simple. The t-shirt and safari jacket was therefore chosen as they bore resemblance to the tan on the sneakers. Moreover, it is a deliberate choice to pick to shades of the same color that don’t match. It provides a very subtle but eye catching contrast.


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