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Fall Layering Season Has Begun


layering-headerJust as much as Summer equals shorts and sandals, the fall equals layers. The weather is starting to become unpredictable, and definitely not as warm as it used to be. We won’t to tuck our selves in with blankets, but as we occasionally have to leave our lair, then we better dress for it. As said, then the weather is unpredictable, so a cloudy moment may chill you to the bone, while a sunny second may make you sweat. This means that you don’t want to wear just one ultra warm piece, you want to create your cover from several pieces so that you may adjust your body temperature to the fleeting moment.

Personally one of my favourite pieces throughout the fall (and winter) is the overcoat. As stated by the name, it is a coat that you wear over something (meaning that you shouldn’t buy one that is super slim – always try it with a blazer underneath). As overcoats are not necessarily the warmest coats, then it is great to pop over your favourite jacket this summer – the jean jacket. When the sun is out, the jean jacket might be enough, but as a cloud passes by the sun, you’ll be glad that you brought your overcoat along. The overcoat is somewhat quite dressy which means that it creates a cool contrast between the jean jacket and the coat.


fall-layering-7 fall-layering-2 fall-layering-6 fall-layering-3 fall-layering-4 fall-layering-5

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