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A Fall Must Have!


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Hey guys!

The season they are a changing! And this time we’re stearing right into fall! This post is about one of the biggest trends this fall. The graphic sweatshirt. The sweatshirt is everywhere, whether you are looking high street or high fashion. It’s unavoidable so better get along. I make it sound like it’s a bad thing but it absolutely is not. The reason? Because it’s in the area of practical fashion. The sweatshirt is a comfortable shirt suitable for the decreasing temperature that the fall will bring. A definite fall must have!

A Styling Tip: The sweatshirt is casual wear. I believe that we can all agreed on that (if not, then you’re wrong! 😉 ). However try pair it up with a flannel trousers instead of the regular jeans that you wear. This will give the outfit a more edgy look. This pair of drop crotch flannel trousers does the trick for me.

Best regards

Portrait De L’HOMME

FW16 musthave

 1. Alexander McQueen 875€ at MrPorter.com / 2. Armani 360€ at armani.com / 3. Gucci 790€ at MrPorter.com /
4. Just Cavalli 305€ at zalando.com / 5. Adidas 80€ at zalando.com / 6. Ralph Lauren  105€ at zalando.com /
7. Neil Barrett 500€ at MrPorter.com / 8. Sisley 47€ at zalando.com / 9. Just Cavalli 253€ at zalando.com /
10. Only & Sons 34€ at zalando.com / 11. Your Turn 40€ at zalando.com / 12. Versace 186€ at zalando.com

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