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My fall, winter and spring favourite piece.






I’m a guy who loves his stables when it comes to outerwear. I have 3 very similar overcoat and I wear the s… out of them. Mainly because they just deliver exactly what I’m looking for. However, occasionally you stumble upon alternative styles. Some that you didn’t know that you were looking for, but once you start to wear it, then you start to wonder where this has been all your life. Well, this exact feeling did I have when I tried on this Samsoe Samsoe shearling jacket. Honestly, I’d never thought that I would find a piece that I would wear as extensively as a black overcoat. Don’t believe me? Then just head over to my IG and let me prove you wrong. 😉

What I like so much about is that there are so incredible many variations to how you can style it. You can do a rock chic styling like the one above, you can do more of a sartorial styling – replacing for example a suit jacket with this jacket, or you can go for a very Scandinavian minimalistic look with white sneaks, tailored pants and a sweat. All 3 styling that I would go for myself.

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