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Fashion or Anti-Fashion?

Fashion or Anti-Fashion

Hey guys, how are you doing? Personally I’m caught up between work and finals at uni these days, which makes it hard to find the time to blog.

The sneaker culture has redefined what it means to have style. As much as I find streetwear and high fashion very admirable, as much do I sometimes seek back towards the deeds of anti-fashion menswear. Anti-fashion in this sense should not be considered me being against fashion, but rather that it does not imply the same degree of change, that is by definition fashion. This is why that there are pieces of a man’s wardrobe that simply does not go out of style, as it relies more on an anti-fashion approach, rather than one of fashion.

I believe that the styling below (and above) is good indication of what you should not forget to incorporate in your wardrobe. 1) A neat overcoat, 2) a waistcoat, 3) trousers, and 4) brogues, brogues, brogues.

These items should be considered stables in any man’s wardrobe. Of course, there may be some degree of sensitivity towards trends – for example the exact cuts. If you take a closer look at these trousers, you will notice that they are quite cropped and has a dropped crotch. Being responsive to such trends, is thus a way of maintaining some degree of your fashionability while remaining in anti-fashion domain.

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Fashion or Anti-Fashion Fashion or Anti-FashionFashion or Anti-FashionFashion or Anti-Fashion

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