Fashion Week Season: Pitti & Paris

For industry insiders the fashion weeks across Europe is a vibrant Eldorado. Shows, presentations and parties all with the purpose of presenting the designers’ vision of the future of fashion.This season work took me to the historic Pitti Uomo (in Florence) and and epicenter of fashion – Paris Fashion Week Men’

Pitti Uomo

The characteristic Pitti Uomo is a very special biannual happening. A particular menswear tradefair where buyers and press from all around the come to celebrate the often more traditional stylistic aspects of menswear. While still being open toward more fashion forward elements. Shows like for example Jill Sander. Nonetheless, Pitti is known for its ‘Pitti Peacocks’, and I seriously urge you to do a quick google search if you’ve never heard the term before.

Made it to Hypebeast and L’Officiel

As a show goer being recognised for your style by the streetstyle photographers (who often is better dressed than most show goers!) is a big cadeau. For Pitti my feet managed to be featured on Hypebeast while my whole outfit got around to L’Officiel (Ukraine).

In Florence for work

Like many of my other recent trips I was there for work. Filming and shooting in the beautiful city of Florence. One (of the many results is the video below).

Streetstyle in Florence

Paris Fashion Week Men’s

Paris, Parééé. The epicenter of fashion and unquestionable the tightest packed fashion week schedule. It’s obvious that whenever a fashion week is going on in a particular city that certain areas of the city is buzzing with life and fire fashionable looks. To a shallow trend-scouting, fashion-following guy like me, this is where things gets real interesting. So when around I like to shoot a bit of streetstyle. And in particular when it comes to the Parisian Fashion Week, where it is the very fashion elite; editors, designers, A-lists and top tier blogger/influencers.

In Paris for work…

You guessed right, if you guessed that the assignment for Paris is similar to the one of Pitti. The difference however, is that this Paris version has a much more film noir expressive edit to it. And I’m a fan.

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Paris Fashion Week Men’s has come to an end. But during the course of this week we situated our showroom in the vibrant heart of Marais, Paris, displaying a fraction of our whole Autumn 20 collection L.E.S (Lower East Side). We are fortunate to have housed many high profile international buyers and to let them explore the vision, progression and values of Les Deux alongside the concept of the Autumn 20 collection. . The L.E.S collection takes its off set in the multicultural and vivid Lower East Side NYC. Focusing on the trends and style that have evolved in this neighbourhood throughout the 40’s and all the way up to the 90’s – all while staying true to the minimalistic design DNA of Les Deux. . Au revoir Paris, Au revoir! 🖤

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Streetstyle & Sankuanz show

Portrait De L’HOMME

A destination where personality and a sense of fashion bond over a negroni. Often, but not always, centered around a specific individual’s journey of style and taste. All to remind that paying a bit of respect to your appearance pays off in regards to your confidence and how your surrounding environment perceives you.

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