Fashion Week SS19: Complete rundown of what I wore

Day 1

For the first day of the Copenhagen Fashion Week SS19 I wore a monochromatic outfit with references to Japanese silhouettes. I wore a simplistic black t-shirt from Les Deux with white writing on it (the names of 3 Parisian streets). The t-shirt were tucked into a pair of wide ‘balloon fitted’ trousers with pleats and waist straps from ASOS (shop here). On my feet I wore contrasting white tennis socks in a chunky sandal from Dr Martens (50% off here). This gave the look sort of a Japanese vibe to it.

Day 2

For the second day I played a little with the proportions. I wore a very oversized striped jumper from American Vintage (shop similar here), slightly tucked into a pair of Tonsure shorts with white stitches (shop here). It kinda gave the sense of a pattern clash with the stripes and stitches. On my feet I wore (my current essential) a pair of tennis socks into my Balenciaga Triple S sneakers (shop similar here or here).

Captured by Adam Katz Sinding after the Heliot Emil SS19 show

Day 3

Going for a sort of New Yorkish vibe I played around with layers as well as mixing new with old. In fact, the short sleeved shirt (similar here) is about 30 years old. I found it in my dad’s closed last summer, and snatched it right out! What is really cool is how it matches the colors of the sneakers (similar here), ultimately creating a cohesive look. Over the shirt is a Tonsure vest with real cool stitch details. Also the pants add to the layered look. The pleats from the trousers (Plain Nordic), creates a dynamic almost layered effect. If there is one thing that I’m a big fan of currently, it is pleated trousers!

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