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15 Favourite Looks From Paris Fashion Week Mens SS18

favourite looks from paris fashion

Okay, So the working title for this recap of PFWM was actually “10 favourite looks from Paris Fashion Week Mens”. But 10 quickly turned into 40, which was then narrowed down to 15. What struggle! With this being said I’m gonna go through my 15 favourite looks. No ranking included.

Hermès SS18


You’ll never find wild and extravagant couture and the historic luxury house Hermès. What you will find is on trend silhouettes carried out with nonchalance. In this case we’re talking the wide cut trousers.

Berlutti SS18


Staying in the realm of extreme luxury we have the male-only brand Berlutti. Much like Hermés has Berlutti a dedication towards unparalleled quality. And you know you’re in for a treat when Haider Ackermann is by the rear. This exact look combined a comfortable muted palette with panelled trousers.

Officine Generale SS18


With Pierre Mahéo – the designer of Officine Generale – describing the aesthetic as “La Belle Normalité”  (The beautiful normality), then you know you wont have to look for anything remotely avantgarde. All you should is to let your eyes be pleased by the incredibly beautiful collection which is presented. I personally am a sucker for this look. Everything from the pleated and belted chinos to the zipped shirt is just perfect.

Dior Homme SS18


Dior has a certain place in my heart. Whether it is their history, heritage or more current designs. Especially the dark romantic, but yet sporty designs that you see right now with Kris Van Assche as designer is very intriguing.

Paul Smith SS18


Paul Smith made the list solely because of his eminent use of bright, almost candy like colors.

Junya Watanabe SS18


Simply put the real way to wear workwear. Junya Watanabe has a long tradition of working with producers of workwear, such as Levi’s and Carhartt. This means that when molding these elements into fashionable pieces, then it cannot be anything but authentic. Very admirable!

Louis Vuitton SS18


Simply a loose beautiful silhouette strapped in with sandals.

Kenzo SS18


Kenzo proved that the loose fitted tailored silhouette is not only meant for long trousers. This was combined with an eye catching striped shirt that reminds me just as much of a barber’s pole as of a lollypop. But, despite the vivid colors it somehow worked out very well!

Balmain SS18


This Parisian couture house is known for providing the wealthiest glam squads with their glam. What caught my attention tonight was a black dystopian uniform with white baroque ornaments. Mesmerising to say the least.

Valentino Spring 18


With Maria Grazia Chiuri leaving the creative duo of Valentino it seems that the brand has allowed it self to become more stochastic. The aesthetic of this spring collection is nothing like the native grounded collections and camu prints that we’ve seen before. It’s very modern and clean Valentino, involving the new VLTN on many pieces. I’m looking very much forward to see if this is a continuous path that Valentino is treading. So far I like it.

Lemaire SS18


This dark look just hit all the right notes for me!

Facetasm SS18


Facetasm proved that we are not at all done with the pyjamas trend. A wonderful mix of color, that seemed unified by the coherent print.

Cerutti 1881 SS18


Uniformised looks often becomes a little too much, but in this case, it was just right! It’s admirable how something so simply can seem so pleasing. I would in general advice any fashionista to look up this entire collection. There are so many cool looks.


_ag10775 _ag10631

No. 14 years & No. 15 are both taken by OAMC. Seeking to be pleasing in the moment by addressing the contemporary does Luke Meier create a very relevant collection. I was very intrigued by the sense of layering that was carried out through the show. To a degree most of us only dream of. OAMC has as of now been added to my list for seeking inputs.


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