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Fedora Funday

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I have this insane weakness for hats! Especially the fedora, but also boaters, flatcaps, six pences, Panama hats and many more. The only thing is, that it’s my experience that they tend to fly off my head when biking around in Copenhagen. However, this Wednesday Astrid and I had a few hours free to eat a little birthday brunch, which meant we could get around in a pleasant pace. So I thought that might do the trick. But a slow pace wasn’t even enough. I had to stuff it down my weekend bag (read more about the bag here) after a few meters only hoping that it wouldn’t become misshaped! Which it fortunately did not!

Nonetheless, I really think pulling off a hat can add to your ‘cool factor’. However, failing to do so, might do the contrary. This means that I usually have a hard look at myself before leaving out the door, asking my self, is this too much? However, it really is a cool piece, especially if you’re going for a slightly layered outfit. I personally find a fedora hard to wear with shorts, but adding a denim jacket really adds some volume, making the outfit more suitable for the fedora.

Btw if you’re in Copehagen looking for a place to be brunching out, then I can really recommend Café Livingstone. Great place, and great spinach pancakes!

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