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Feels Like A Fairytale!

like a fairytale

Hey guys!

Okay, so I am a strong believer that dressing accordingly to the sourroundings is a skill! A skill that has to be practiced once in a while. With all the good stuff that has been going on lately, it almost feels like a fairytale! So, dressing accordingly to a fairytale? Challenge accepted – kinda.

And how could you hit that romantic fairytale vibe? So that the entire female gender may perceive you as a mixture of a poet and a modern day knight in shining armour? Aaand you know, wearing a real life armour today would either just freak people out, or have you put on the first bus towards crazy-rennaissance-fair-land.

Okay, so to attain that knight in shiny armour feel I went for a overcoat, a tie (double windsor knot!), and a white dress shirt. I think this creates some sense of credibility and posture of a knight. Someone that would be trustworthy because of the references to traditional menswear. Further, wearing boots somehow has some associations of strength that plays a long with this character.

To soften everything up, and putting the look in a more posting and romantic light, I decided that I would not wear a blazer. This kind of open look indicates a certain degree of vulnerability. I chose a pair of cropped trousers, to emphasise the care for the detail that an artist has. A care that is also shown by the boots, that eases up the entire look as they are the most elegant oxblood and not the typical black choice .

I really feel that this could be a very strong date look! Let me know what you think!

Best Regards,

Portrait De L’HOMME

Oh, and if you are as psyched about the boots as I am? Then click here for more information about them!

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