Ready for a winter in whites

The first time that the Chanel name will appear on a product designed by another label


500 very exclusive  Chanel x Pharrell x Adidas NMD Hu sneakers has been produced for Colette (multibrand store in Paris). If you like me think that they’re fly as f..k(!) then it is just too bad. To purchase you had to enrol in a ballot the 21st of November, and if picked out, then you’d receive instruction on how to buy the exclusive sneakers today.

The collaboration has been voiced as being Karl Lagerfeld’s (creative director of Chanel) tribute to Colette that is closing their doors at December 20th. Lagerfeld is said to be Colette’s most loyal customer, so it makes sense for him to make this as a thank you for your service gesture. Sarah Andelman, artistic director, head buyer and daughter of Colette Roussaux, reminded us of the fashion significance of the event: “This is the first time that the Chanel name will appear on a product designed by another label, making this a very special collaboration.” (source)

I would love to get my hands on a pair, but no way that my bank account will be able to handle the resell price! I will have to satisfy with the pictures and knowing that they’re out there. And thats okay.

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Ready for a winter in whites