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Sunday Shopping On A Monday: Rainwear Gear Up

Fuck it, it’s a fanny pack.



It’s the inevitable issue. You are out all day and your pants are all filled up with your smartphone, charger, keys, wallet, headphones, power bank  and what ever you may need. I’m not saying that you should carry all that you own with you, but it’s nice to be able to go somewhere without your pockets being all stretched out. So yes, it’s a fanny pack and I don’t care.

And honestly, I think it adds a chic little detail to the look. I even think it acts as a cool layering piece when we get to the coat season. But for now I’m wearing it with something very simple; white t-shirt, flannel trousers, chunky sneakers and some camouflage Happy Socks x Billionaire Boys Club socks – just to give the look a touch of colour.

So yes it’s a fanny pack. I know that this bag has a lot of names; belt bag, bum bag, waist bag, even butt bag(?!). But to me, it’s a fanny pack. And this fanny packs a lot!

chunky-10 chunky-8

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