Full Pursuit In A Denim Suit – Portrait De L'HOMME
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Full Pursuit In A Denim Suit

denim suit black tie

denim suit black tie denim suit black tie

Whenever A$AP Rocky shows up, your inner fashionista needs to be watching. Because this guy really know whats fly. Since he showed up at the Met Galla in a black denim suit the whole idea of a denim suit has totally been redefined (see A$AP Rocky in Calvin Klein by Raf Simons here). At least in my mind. It has opened doors of using such a denim suit in a black tie context. Of course, you got to know your context, but if you have room to mess around with what black tie can be, then do it.

So for example I wore a pair of black Minimum jeans with a black Minimum denim jacket that I have previously received from a PR agency. Beneath was a crisp white dress shirt, and instead of a bowtie (which would usually fit the black tie) was a black silk handkerchief. I know that this is something else for most people, but honestly I just think its a fun outfit. It combines some of the most traditional formal wear with some of the most casual pieces. I really feel that you get that tuxedo vibe, but it’s all skinny denim. And again, the denim is what makes the outfit coherent!

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Portrait De L’HOMME



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