Gardens of Versailles – Portrait De L'HOMME
Jardin des Tuileries and so much more...

Gardens of Versailles


Gardens of Versailles


The time came for the last full day in Paris and the sun was high in the sky! So what better to do than take a 30 minutes train ride for the Château de Versailles?! Unfortunately the palace itself is closed on Mondays, but that left us with plenty of time exploring the gardens – and even taking the time to paddle around in the rentable boats. Of course the skies turned up overhead, but whatever, the weather was still fine.

I’ll keep this day short, and just encourage people to just take the time to stroll around these beautiful gardens of Versailles.



About the Outfit


Usually I’m all in dressing for the occasion. However, sometimes being aware of the occasion grants you the possibility to have a little fun with the outfits, as with this outfit, where I created a bit of a contrast between the environment and the outfit. For these romantic setting I thought I’d have some fun going with a monochrome outfit. By doing this, I managed to add some contrast and alienation between the surroundings and myself within the pictures. This as well toned my outfit down, and had the surroundings doing the ‘talking’. I love how the pictures end up as a mix of modern meets classical romance.

The Tee is a Carnet De Vol black tee with an embroidered motive, Zara moto jeans, a Gucci GG belt, a pair of Adidas ZX Flux sneaks, a black fedora and when the weather turned a bit chilly a HUGO (by Hugo Boss) jumper with a geometric pattern did the job.


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Portrait De L’Homme

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Jardin des Tuileries and so much more...