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3 Gastro Experiences in Milan

Milan is a great place to dine. I think we can all strongly agree that the Italian kitchen is among the top in the world, and therefore need no further introduction. I’ve gathered 3 gastro experiences in Milan that I’d personally recommend for anyone going to Milan. You can either visit these places on separate days, or you can visit all three on the same day in the order that they are presented.


1. La Prosciutteria

In need a bite to eat for lunch or dinner? La Prosciutteria is a great little place to eat. It has a perfect foundation as a tapas restaurant with it’s ham (prosciutto), cheese and endless variations of tapenade. The rustic interior and the thousands of small antic pictures give it a very authentic atmosphere. And despite technically not being a restaurant – which is why the china has been replaced with plastic that you’ll pick up your self – this is one of the most delightful meals I’ve had in a while! You are of course able to choose from a wide range of dishes, but the trademark of La Prosciutteria are the ‘plates’, of which you can choose between small, medium and large. These ‘plates’ isn’t really plates, but more like a big wooden log filled to the brim with slices of ham, cheese, bread with tapenade and a bit of veggies!


Definitely a must go-to in Milan! And remember to grab a glass of white to complement the food.


Located: Corso Garibaldi 55

Web: http://www.laprosciutteria.com/milano/


2. Tartufotto

Fancy an extraordinary take on Italian cuisine? Tartufotto is the place for you – especially if you happen to like truffles! As this is truffle concept restaurant – you’ll find truffles in every single dish on the menu. And then you’d think: “… But, this is probably one of those places with micro dishes!” – but no! I’d actually say that plate size is above average! A must try is the carpaccio starter – of course with black truffles!

The interior is a modern yet romantic mix of clean whites and oiled woods. The staff is very friendly, and eager to help you select the right wine for your food!

Located: Via Cusani, 8

Web: http://www.tartufotto.it

MILAN Food-1 MILAN Food-3 MILAN Food-4


3. N’Ombra De Vin

At first, this seems just like a very small groundfloor bar. But don’t let the façade fool you! In the corner there is a stairway down to a cellar. Some may call this the stairway to heaven – that is if you love wine! Yes, N’Ombra De Vin is a wine bar. You get the true feeling of being in the wine cellar of a chateau – most of all because this is in fact the gothic constructed wine cellar of the San Marco Basilica. The interior is very humble, but leaves plenty of space for the thousands of wine bottles around the cellar.


With a menu that involves wine and champagne from most of Europe – a majority of Italian it seems – this place has the recipe for the perfect night! N’Ombra De Vin is served by absolute gentlemen who will rather toss out an entire bottle of champagne, than serve you a glass that isn’t as sparkly as it should. Hands down the best bar I’ve ever been to. Very sophisticated, with an cozy atmosphere that will make you long to get back.

“Life is too short to drink bad wine” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 – 1832)

Located: Via S. Marco, 2

Web: http://www.nombradevin.it/pages/home1.html

MILAN Food-5 MILAN Food-6 MILAN Food-7 MILAN Food-8 MILAN Food-9


Hope I’ve inspired you just a bit.

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