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Where to get style inspiration from

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Lets talk a bit about style inspiration today. Scroll back back to pre-social media Magazines, TV and the people you see on the streets would most likely be the biggest sources of style inspiration. Then can social media. The inspiration (and influence) game changed. These platforms has enabled us to expand our search for style inspiration radically! Personally, my style inspiration come from all around the world. Runways, lookbooks, magazines and people on the streets of course play a mayor role, but some of the most relevant inspiration comes from some of the cool people that I keep up with daily on everyones favourite (and most hated – but lets get back to that another day) social media, Instagram.

Some of the guys on instagram that daily gather inspiration from may be Blake Scott (@blakescott_) for some on point relevant dapperness. The always great Adam Gallagher (@iamgalla) for an mesmerising universe. Joel (@gallucks) when things needs to get a little street cool. Fredrik Risvik (@fredrikrisvik) always inspire with his incredible clean and minimalist aesthetics. Quyen Mike (@qmike) for amazingly cool outfits and badass photoshop skills. Denny Balmaceda (@denny623) for super cool cinematic, vintage and super independant aesthetics. Lastly,  Raivan (@plainkite) for some super chic normcore. Especially this last guy served as a major inspiration for this outfit. If you don’t know these guys, then they are definitely worth checking out.

As you see, there is a wide variety of inspiration, which stems from my belief that one guy doesn’t necessarily only have ‘one style’. He can – and should be able to – dress differently for different occasions and differently for different moods.

Where do you find your outfit inspiration?

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