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Get Your Fall Vibe On!

Fall Vibe On

Hey guys!

It’s time to get your fall vibe on! There are definitely no longer any doubt whether it is fall or not. Though September has been ridiculously warm in Denmark, October definitely is not! It is officially time to get out your coats. And the trenchcoat? It is without a doubt a fantastic coat for the transitions. However if you do want to carry it into the slightly colder whether, you should opt for a layer or two – preferable wool to keep you warm.

Styling tip: tie the belt in a knot, for a more sprezzatura inspired look. It’s sort of a tradition to do it this way. 😉

Best Regards,

Portrait De L’HOMME

Fall Vibe On Fall Vibe On Fall Vibe On Fall trench  Fall Vibe On Fall Vibe Onfall-trench-9

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Prices: River Island 100 € / ASOS 29,33 € / ASOS 26,67 € / Ted Baker 180 €



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