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By God I want to travel! Seems like forever since I’ve been away from home. My most recent trip was Paris last fall – Click here to read about it. I think we all have different reasons for a getaway, whether it be business, relaxation or just to get away from your parents.

Personally, I tend to drive my self really to the limit in my everyday. That means more work hours than I should, fixating on the blog in the late hours of the evening, and what ever is left spend on schoolwork. And of course spend just a little time with the gf. So for me, a getaway, means a period where I am forced to completely let go of work and just enjoy myself for once. Not that I don’t do it in the everyday, but there is a difference. And you know it.. 😉 Further there is something rather reviving about travelling. The foreign area seems to both dazzle, as well as sharpen your senses. You take the time to actually smell the flowers, feel the grass beneath the feet – unless it’s winter, then I’d not recommend to step outdoors barefooted. 😉 But there is something to the words of the famous danish author H.C. Andersen: To travel is to live. 

I’ve been counting days for the last few months, and soon it seems to be around. Within not too long I’m taking the gf with me to the no. 1 shopping capital, Milan, for a week. Can’t wait! 😉 I’d love to hear if you have any recommendations. 😉



Where’s your next trip taking you?

Best Regards
Portrait De L’HOMME

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