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Hey guys!

In a world where almost any brand is available everywhere – at least online – is it important to hold on to the word ‘almost’. Some local brands often has much different to offer than the high street stores you’ll find in your hometown. Some small brands may even have designs in a international league, but are only located locally due to the lack of resources. That’s why whenever I’m travelling I’ll try to get around and find local stores to spend my hard earned money in. If you do find a local store that you grow fond of – and they do have a webshop – then go in there, try on every single metier of theirs and remember those sizes! This way you’ll learn the fit – and once you know that, online shopping is so much easier. This way you’ll be able to get something very different – even when you are at home. It’s like your favourite Adidas model – once you know the fit, it’s just a matter of how many colorways your bank account can afford.

You’ll so to speak get the “local” clothes in a global world – it seems to become a Glocal Shopping experience!  😂 😂

Many of the pieces that I’ve procured through local shopping, are the ones that has the highest affection to me. Actually only one item in this entire outfit is bought in Denmark – and that’s the watch. The jacket is bought in Southern France in a small French chain called Carnet De Vol. It’s a perfect jacket for spring or fall – even the chilly summer nights. The rest – jeans, t-shirt, loafers and belt is all bought in Milan.


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Any questions? Feel free to shoot.


Portrait De L’HOMME


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