Gucci Fall Winter 2017 – The Alchemist Garden – Portrait De L'HOMME
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Gucci Fall Winter 2017 – The Alchemist Garden


Gucci is probably one of the most interesting and dominating brands within the fashion industry. With an insane fetich for granny-chic floral prints and virtuose color combinations are Alessandro Michele probably the current king of fashion. The Gucci Fall Winter 2017 was nothing less than an illustration of this. I’m a sucker for Gucci I must admit. Had it been music, they’d call me a fanboy. This is probably why my expectations were sky high!

The title of the show was ‘The Alchemist Garden’, which makes total sense with the design aesthetics put forward. However making sense of the venue in relation to the title is a little harder though. The promotion of the show included the following quote “what shall we do with all the future”. This relates quite well to the venue, which was very futuristic in itself.

The joint mens and womens collection included 120 entrances (which is a lot!) where each of them were competing to be the most extravagant. Watching the show (on my laptop unfortunately) left me a bit overwhelmed by the maximalism. With a long show that included many very different looks almost became too much. I couldn’t help but feel a bit tired in the middle of the show. Whether it was triggered by the pace of the show, where 120 entrances were squeezed into 13 minutes (not including the finale walk) or the designs itself is not to say.

After going back and watching the runway pictures isolated had an positive effect on my perception of the collection. Some of the looks began to make more sense and the styling wasn’t actually that complex as it first seemed. This is not to say that the styling wasn’t fixated on maximalism (because it was). It simply appeared simpler and more comprehendible when seeing each look separately.

Of course it has to appear very over the top, when taking into account that Gucci wants to convince the consumers, that this granny-geek-chic look is the way to go, if you want to be just tinniest part fashion-forward. I just felt a little overwhelmed and frankly confused. I guess what I am trying to say, is that if a lot of the pieces were isolated, then they’d actually be quite cool!

My Favourite Looks


men-1 women-3

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Portrait De L’HOMME


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