GUCCI FW18: When Gucci gonna Gucci – Extremely! Decapitation, Dragons and Snakes. – Portrait De L'HOMME
Favourite moments from London Fashion Week AW18

GUCCI FW18: When Gucci gonna Gucci – Extremely! Decapitation, Dragons and Snakes.


gucci-Gucci fw18

If any brand is good at creating the spectacular well then yes, it’s Gucci. Every season #TeamAlessandroMichele seem to outdo themselves! And this time the Gucci FW18 was almost on the verge of the macabre. Okay, honestly some of it was actually quite creepy. We’re talking decapitated heads that was recreated to look exactly like the models who wore them as a fashion accessory. But also baby dragons – sounds very GoT like right? The heads most like bear reference to cephalophores (“head-carrier” in greek) – a saint that is portrayed by carrying it’s own head. While this is not confirmed for the Gucci FW18 show, then it is most likely to be a direct reference when taking Alessandro Michele’s passion for antique art and history into account. The baby dragons on the other hand is confirmed to be a reference to the “Legend of baby dragon in the jar”, where an author staged finding a baby dragon in a jar in his garage in Oxfordshire.

Gucci fw18 Gucci fw18

These gimmicks drew a lot of attention, but the Gucci FW18 collection still managed to outshine the macabre. While dirty brownish hues, plaids and khakis managed to tie a lot of the collection together, then embellished layered pieces and printed fabrics entailed the eyes. The Gucci signature cool granny-chic was again very well played.

Gucci fw18 Gucci fw18

Gucci has lately been good at incorporating direct into their references clothing, namely Disney figures, replicas of a Dapper Dan piece among some. This time tribute was payed not only to the New York Yankees and San Fransisco Giants, but also something so remote as SEGA.

Lets first hold on to the New York Yankees. For no other than Michele has often been spotted wearing a New York Yankees baseball cap. So the saying, “wear what the designer is wearing” may be more relevant now than ever. I personally have found great inspiration in his personal wardrobe!

Gucci fw18

In terms of SEGA, then several of the models wore chunky sneakers with crisscrossed crystals with GUCCI in the renowned SEGA font. Crystals or not, I look forward to see these on the streets (and perhaps on my own feet).

Gucci fw18 Gucci fw18

Last thing I want to comment on, is the setting. The stage for the show was set in what are too look like an operating room. On an instagram post Gucci writes that the process in the operating room is much similar to the work of a designer – “…cutting, splicing and reconstructing materials and fabrics to create a new personality and identity with them”But, I really don’t hope that they try and make a new personality in an operating room, no matter the mess.. I mean, unless you perform a lobotomy then I guess that personality is quite hard to achieve? (Correct me if I’m wrong in the comment section). Nonetheless, the operating room was to me a very modern rendition of the macabre. I at least personally feel very uncomfortable being in such a setting, so in that regard it played well together with the severed heads.

Gucci fw18

Despite the creepy and yet VERY fascinating vibes provided by dragons and amazingly similar severed heads, then I think that the Gucci FW18 collection was definitely one of Michele Alessandro’s strongest!

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Portrait De L’HOMME

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