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Feels Like A Fairytale!

Gucci Gifting Season Has Begun


Okay, so the gifting season has definitely begun! The christmas decorations are starting pop up everywhere – and I’ve even ordered my holiday sweaters. But what the holiday season means is that the Christmas advertisement campaigns are gonna show up everywhere! Usually they are all build around the same concept, trying to create some aspirational need. Usually many of these campaigns ads are filtered out in the mind of the consumer, however this short video really got to me! It is the Gucci gifting season campaign of 2016, and it has such an intense artistic perspective. And I know that I’m just a plain sucker for the (fairly) new creative vision of Gucci. If it should have passed anyones mind, this vision is based on a maximalistic approach that embraces art and history. See for you self If you like or not, but I’m crazy about it!

Go directly to their gift ideas here.

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Portrait De L’HOMME


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Feels Like A Fairytale!