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GUCCI SS17 Menswear Collection

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One of fashion’s most prominent spearhead at the moment – Gucci – has just revealed their Spring/Summer 2017 menswear collection in Milan. Literary just. Click here to watch.

The collection stay true to the geek-chic identity that Gucci turned themself into (in a blink of an eye) just a few years back. This geek-chic identity is very much based on pieces with over the edge embroidery, in a distinct colorscheme worn with sliders or loafers. But it works – rather well! It’s all presented in a great green room, with the people attending the show sitting on green cushions. On the floor is one big red snake (one that they use as embroidery).

Alessandro Michele told in an interview a few weeks ago (when about to present womenswear in London), that he is more keen to the add-on idea, rather than stripping off – that is usually the conception of good taste. But though, he is a master of the add-ons, he does a few times demonstrate the ability to work the simple. For example a t-shirt/chinos/loafers/dufflebag look. It fits right in the context, even though it seems so simple compared to the rest.
I must admit, that I’m not dazzled by every single design. But there are indeed quite a few highlight that lifts the spirit of the show and marks Gucci as a necessity for the international fashion scene. In conclusion I like the Gucci SS17 menswear collection.

I feel though that I have to say – in order not to scare everyone away – that such runway shows often present the brand in a somehow extrema. The fullest of what the brand has to offer. But this does not mean that if you enter a Gucci store that you’ll end up looking exactly like this. Unless of course you go on a extreme spending spree and shop all of their metiers.

Personal Highlights

Bombers & Jackets
Personally – I’m a sucker for all the embroidered jackets and bombers. They seem somehow to give so much personality to the look. It’s like they tell a story. Not necessarily a true one, but it adds so much context to the jacket.

Printed Suits
I love when formalities are being broken – to a degree. Broken may not be the right word – but maybe rather toyed with. And this thing exactly is what the printed suits are subject of. Toying around – not with the suits, but with the ideas of the suit. Of what a suit is able to, and what it should be able to. These statements are so powerful that one can only be dazzled by it.

Since Alessandro Michele took over the role of creative director, the house has presented loafers and sliders more frequently than brogues and derbies. It aligns perfect with the identity. I’m not much of a sliders-kinda-guy, but the loafers do entangle me.

Additional Note
It’s a bit funny. But after watching the show i sat with this feeling that there had to be some sort of cartoon inspiration for the collection. There is the obvious clues like a model wearing a knitted vest with Donald Duck on it. But also the use of raincoats and rainhats leave me with a feeling of Paddington Brown (you know that bear in the raincoat). This is just some, and I may be way off, but this was just a thought.

I can only encourage you to watch the Gucci SS17 Menswear collection for your self.


Portrait De L’HOMME


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