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It’s always interesting to follow how brands presents themselves. How they want us – the consumers – to perceive the brand and their products. But occasionally you see either magazines or retailers making editorials or campaigns focused on single brands (see for example Calvin Klein by Raf Simons at SSENSE HERE). Today I stumbled upon the new Gucci Cruise campaign that will air from the 1st of October, and remembered that I just a few days ago saw another editorial that Hypebeast made themselves about yes, Gucci. Whether the HB editorial is in fact paid for by Gucci, or it’s just set up to drive affiliate sales, or whatever, that I have no clue about. What crossed my mind was however, that though the garments  are aesthetically very similar (Gucci’s own being a cruise collection, and Hypebeast’s being a fall collection), then the outcome is very different.

The purpose of this comparison is not at all to say that one is better than the other, but merely to highlight that the context and framing of the products really has an important role in how we perceive the products. That though the product aesthetics are so similar, then there is a world of difference between the two photo series.

Lets first have a look a Gucci’s own cruise collection campaign. We see a grainy, romantic very demographic diverse series. A series where the clothing and model are fitted with the setting for one big harmonic whole. It’s very beautiful in the way that it’s almost painting like – which of course refers to Michele Alessandro’s (creative director of Gucci) obvious fascination for antiques. Below is a excerpt of the editorial with my favourite picks.

http-hypebeast-com-image-2017-09-gucci-cruise-campaign-september-04 http-hypebeast-com-image-2017-09-gucci-cruise-campaign-september-05 http-hypebeast-com-image-2017-09-gucci-cruise-campaign-september-07 http-hypebeast-com-image-2017-09-gucci-cruise-campaign-september-09 http-hypebeast-com-image-2017-09-gucci-cruise-campaign-september-011 http-hypebeast-com-image-2017-09-gucci-cruise-campaign-september-013 http-hypebeast-com-image-2017-09-gucci-cruise-campaign-september-014 http-hypebeast-com-image-2017-09-gucci-cruise-campaign-september-023 http-hypebeast-com-image-2017-09-gucci-cruise-campaign-september-024 http-hypebeast-com-image-2017-09-gucci-cruise-campaign-september-025

See the full editorial HERE


On the other hand we have Hypebeast’s own Gucci editorial. First of all the imagery is very sharp and modernly contrasty, compared to Gucci’s. It has a completely different aesthetic where the industrial meets the romantic. It seems much more oriented at a younger audience, and is somewhat more easy to digest. I’m not saying one is better than the other, they’re both very beautiful in their own different way.

hero-full mask-on-bw-627-943 edited-2-full edited-1-full bag-belt-hand-glitter-full acdc-under-copy-424-502 4m7a9347-under-full 4m7a8697-full 4m7a0248-full 4m7a0685-full block-3-des-full bw-des-red-blue-sweater-full4m7a0007-shoes-full

See the full editorial HERE (including videos)

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New Calvin Klein by Raf Simons Editorial at SSENSE.COM