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Han Kjøbenhavn AW17 Show Review


With the title ‘Rats and dogs, killing men’ you knew that something special was in the pipeline at the Han Kjøbenhavn AW17 show. The center of the runway consisted of a number of gallows lined up with prisoners ready to be hung – and as part of the finale walk, the rats killed the men.

The stage was set, and a dystopia of an universe was cringed out. An universe were refinement and class had no priority what so ever. The ragged designs was complemented by a filthy color palette that involved a number of ‘old’ weaves. Further was a bizarre puppy print to be found on several pieces. The collection bore several references to sportswear, and contained loose fitted silhouettes that was quite on point!

When it comes to Han Kjøbenhavn their concept is in general quite down to earth. But then when it comes to shows, then it is time to space out. I’m looking forward to see how many of the show pieces hit the stores, because there are in particular a few pieces that I my self are looking forward to.

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