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Hard Contrasts

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I’m a sucker for hard contrasts! Whether it is comic book good/evil or black/white clothing. There are something very appealing about those hard lines. I think it is the same that makes the black tie events so super posh. It has as hard a contrast as can be. There is almost something idealistic about it.

A common outfit that fits into this desaturated framework would be black jeans, black shoes and a white t-shirt. We’ve all seen it so many times before. It’s a classic – everyone can relate to it. But why not try and switch it around? I know that white jeans are quite flamboyant – and very fragile. But still, wearing such jeans with confidence should gain you the respect from those around you. When you wear white jeans (especially if you also wear white shoes) you need to be careful. The white WILL drag a lot of the focus, which means that it will seem very white! And personally I’m not a fan of that whole white-only-kinda-look, so I’m not gonna tell you that it can look good. Obviously I do not think it can. What you should consider is to have a black piece on the top that drags some attention. In this case I went with a black and grey color blocked jumper – which I know basically bends that whole black and white approach. However this steals a bit of the focus and actually makes the outfit work out.

Try it out for yourself!

Best Regards,

Portrait De L’HOMME

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