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Harry Styles in new Gucci campaign with almost macabre vibes


Harry Styles in Gucci is nothing new. On the contrary, the pop star has on many occasions worn top-to-toe of Alessandro Michele designs. However, Styles is the new face for Gucci’s mens tailoring, and is featured in a new campaign video. A video that is much like Michele’s universe, a mix of chic nostalgia and baroque-esque over the creations, provides something very unexpected. In fact, at first I thought the campaign video to be incredible macabre even maybe morbid (see it at the bottom of this post).


Styles enters a small deli for a bite to eat while carrying his pet chicken on his arm. After being served, the super star leaves his pet chicken on the counter, as it would have been part of some sort of trade. Meanwhile, Styles enjoys his lunch, which I first thought to be, hold on.. fried chicken. This would have insinuated that Styles would have brought his pet chicken for slaughter. Very macabre, but somewhat fitting of the newest direction of the Gucci universe. However, I had to watch the video over, before realising that, of course it was fish n’ chips. However, this doesn’t change the fact that the chicken was still left on the counter.


But like I said, it wouldn’t be way off from lates moves of Michele. The Gucci AW18 collection featured models carrying severed heads and dragons, while the Cruise 2019 collection was showcased in a cemetery in France after dark. I mean, compared to that leaving a chicken for slaughter wouldn’t seem that morbid.


Okay! Lets address the stylings. Let me just say it, I think Styles is perfectly casted for this part! He pulls off the over-the-top suits and dinner jackets in such an effortless manner. You almost come to believe that this guy actually wakes up like this.

The video features Styles bare chested in double breasted suit and a slouchy blue/grey checked coat. However, while it works with the bare chest (that guy can rock anything!) it is in particular the remaining four suits that makes me crave a Gucci suit! Whether it is a navy suit with a women pattern (and styled with sandals!), a giant NY patch attached, or an evening jacket with incredibly wide lapels with baroque-esque decorations. As Gucci as Gucci tailoring gets!



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