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Why A Striped T-Shirt Is A Menswear Stable

Hawaii Chic And Wearing Rings

Hawaii chic wearing rings

It has become a tradition that we on our annual trip to France visit the old city Pezenas. Pezenas is the cutest little city, with steep and (very) crooked streets. The city has such a calm atmosphere, and there is absolutely no rush at all! This may be due to the fact that the old parts of town mainly are inhibited by elders. It is in fact so calm that you’ll see cats napping carelessly in the middle of the street.

For styling I relied on a high summer must have – the hawaii chic shirt. I paired it with white jeans for a breezy attitude and leather strap sandals for the simplicity. I added a few accessories as the look in it self was quite simple. For example a red leather strap bracelet to match the shirt and some rings to give the look some soul.

I know that for a lot of men, the only gear allowed on the finger is a wedding ring. While it stands out quite a lot to wear rings; for example when reaching for a handshake, or dining with your hands above the table, then it is a easy way to add vibrance to your persona. Just don’t over do it. Even Johnny Depp can seem as a parody of himself some times.

Scroll down below to find the entire editorial, as well as links to shop a similar look and a link to Instagram.

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Portrait De L’HOMME

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