A hedonistic open shirt look

open shirt look

A few years ago I would never have assumed that I would wear anything beneath a shirt. I would consider it somehow not sexy. I would rather be able to have my girlfriend’s chilly hands caress my skin beneath the shirt. No matter the temperature. I will say that this is still my standard. But I’m quite fond of this open shirt that seems somewhat libertine-like look. When combined with some more classic menswear pieces then you don’t risk looking like a slob, while maintaining that sexy hedonistic vibe of a libertine.

For me what worked was a loose fitted shirt (dress shirts won’t work!) tucked in and barely buttoned, a tank top beneath, a belt to create some contrast, a pair of rolled up chinos and then a pair of loafers. If you’re trying to replicate the look, don’t be afraid to unbutton all the way down, or maybe just leave one button buttoned.

open shirt look  open shirt look  open shirt look open-shirt-7 open shirt look

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