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A Family Dinner Outfit

A Hint of Rock

Hint of Rock

A Hint of Rock

Ohh man what a rush! I barely have time for eating nor sleeping! As Copenhagen Fashion Week is approaching there is a hell of a lot work to be done at Birger Christensen. But I enjoy doing it, and I am grateful for the opportunity that is presented. Nevertheless I have sneaked just a brief break to update the blog on this outfit that contains just a hint of rock.

The outfit that I’m wearing for this post is more of a dressed up biker inspired look. It’s relying very heavily on the darker shades, which really allows the tie to stand out for itself. The biker inspiration comes in both with the boots and the jeans, and not so much with the dress shirt. I was kinda going for a “rock star at premiere event” vibe. Sort of like, “Yeah.. I just got off my motorcycle.” 😉 The bomber is just a must have. It has been so the last couple of seasons, and it seems to continue that way. It is more of a street item, than a rock star item, how ever I think that the color, the material and the fit contributes to the overall look I was going for. What I love so much about the tie is the silver tip of it. Despite having a beautiful brown/gold/black pattern, it has the silver tip, which really adds an insane amount of edginess to it. Really, really neat!

The Look

Bomber Jacket – HUGO By Hugo Boss
Dress Shirt – Zara
Tie – Saint Laurent
Jeans – Zara
Belt – Gucci
Boots – Clarks
Bracelet – Brand Paris

That’s a wrap for this time
See you next time

Best Regards
Portrait De L’HOMME

Hint of Rock Hint of RockHint of RockHint of RockHint of RockHint of Rock


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