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The Christmas days are a joyous time. A time to dress up and spend time with your loved ones. A time where you cuddle up watching a good movie, but also spend a lot of time by the dining table (at least in Denmark). This means that if the holiday dresscode allows just for the slightest comfort, it is very welcomed. In this editorial you’ll find 4 holiday looks that combines the traditional virtues of a good Christmas outfit with a modern and relaxed attitude.

Alexander Gram (PreppyBeast) and I, who frequently shoot our content together, went to the luxurious Nobis Hotel in the heart of Copenhagen to shoot this editorial. The majestic staircase of Nobis is the perfect representation of the traditions and cultural heritage that permeate the yule time – but still it is located in a modern extremely well composed design hotel.

Without having coordinated we seemed to agree on the dresscode. Suits, knits and loafers were key items. All holiday looks provided in this editorial will for sure make you look crisp, while allowing you to eat that extra portion of risalamande (Danish Christmas dessert) without popping a button of a tight shirt. In general we both strayed away from the classic suit and tie look. Despite both of us having well-assorted tie wardrobes, we rather focused on involving a touch of comfort.

Add a coloured knit underneath the suit for that extra pop that a white dress shirt would usually create. If the suit is fitted go for a slimmed roll neck, where as if the suit is more of contemporary loose silhouette you can play around with chunkier knits. For shoes you should be aware of the dresscode of your environment. The shoes says a lot about an outfit. You instantly class up an outfit by slabbing on a pair of loafers while a pair of sneakers can add a lowkey vibe.


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If you are not really the suit kind of guy you can always skip the jacket and simply rely on a good old Christmas sweater. To keep it subtile pair it with your best dress pants. This combination is both low key and looks great which make it suitable both for everyday use and low key Christmas parties.


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